As agents and on behalf of our NVOCC principals, we offer scheduled weekly services on many sea routes, providing weekly departures between the ports in the regions of Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Far East and South East Asia.

Over the years, CENTURION has grown to meet the needs of some of the largest companies in the region with service quality beyond their expectations.


With a proven track record in the shipping arena, CENTURION today is a trusted partner of the industry, with a value added chain of strong relationships with concerned authorities, be it Ports, Customs or other vendors. With our best in class software based documentation, operations tracking and on-line accessibility, you can be rest assured that, we have the vast local operational knowledge and industry expertise to find the best possible solutions to cater to your requirements.

CENTURION, a top rated shipping agency, also offer container drayage for short as well as long distance, offering local as well as cross border transportation services, as part our NVOCC agency services. Our combination of container service options make us an ideal vendor for a wide range of industries that require multi-modal transportation. We offer solutions to optimize your resources.