Multimodal and intermodal transport are in high demand across the market, especially for medium- to long-distance shipping. We utilize some of the toughest intermodal container models to stand up to the rigorous demands of multiple modes of shipping.

Multimodal transportation of goods involves the use of several modes of transportation such as rail, ship and truck. Different means of transport are used throughout the delivery process to create the most efficient and economic route for a given set of dispatch and delivery points. With optimal combination of transport modes, delivery timing improves, costs fall and cargo remains secure. Our specialized team analyze needs and cargo characteristics, optimize delivery routes, and estimate multimodal delivery costs and performs multimodal transportation of any goods in compliance with delivery terms regardless of geography. CENTURION’S fleet along with close co-operation with reliable vendors and service partners, we are able to offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service quality.