Our Services


As agents and on behalf of our NVOCC principals, we offer scheduled weekly services on many sea routes, providing weekly departures between the ports in the regions of Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Far East and South East Asia.

Over the years, CENTURION has grown to meet the needs of some of the largest companies in the region with service quality beyond their expectations.


With a proven track record in the shipping arena, CENTURION today is a trusted partner of the industry, with a value added chain of strong relationships with concerned authorities, be it Ports, Customs or other vendors. With our best in class software based documentation, operations tracking and on-line accessibility, you can be rest assured that, we have the vast local operational knowledge and industry expertise to find the best possible solutions to cater to your requirements.

CENTURION, a top rated shipping agency, also offer container drayage for short as well as long distance, offering local as well as cross border transportation services, as part our NVOCC agency services. Our combination of container service options make us an ideal vendor for a wide range of industries that require multi-modal transportation. We offer solutions to optimize your resources.




Centurion’s comprehensive ocean freight services reach worldwide destinations via connecting Hub ports in various Intra Asia Trade Lanes. Our Sea Freight services are offered through our NVOCC Principals, who operate Container shipping service between the regions of the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Far East and South East Asia. Other regions are covered via our freight forwarding services.


We understand our customers requirement of quick transportation, which sea freight cannot offer. Hence, we have partnered with a network of Airlines to offer our customers best options for airfreight  movements.


Land Cross Border/ Multimodal Transport

We utilize Intermodal services to handle the rigorous demands of Multimodal shipping. We can arrange Land Cross Border movements to nearby countries such as Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait, whether cargo origin is Local or International.



Cross Trade Services

In today’s world, Logistics process is not limited to one country or one nation. Knowledge of Multi Country customs legislation and local freight forwarding systems are crucial for avoiding the obstacles in the whole chain of transportation. You can use our extensive experience connecting any port-pairs across the Globe. Let us manage your international trade with our cross-trade services. We will ship your goods to and from anywhere in the world, no matter where your customers or their business operations are located. We, understand our customer’s needs thoroughly and our skilled team is ready to serve you. Competitive rates are negotiated by us on your behalf, to manage your cross trade shipments and we keep you fully updated on the status of the shipments until the final delivery.

Cross Stuffing Services

Cross Stuffing is a process of unloading of cargo from one container and loading into another container simultaneously in CFS or warehouse, with or without the presence of Customs Officials and later shipped as per the requirement of the customer. We offer the best Cross Stuffing solutions in United Arab Emirates.
Our teams are well qualified to ensure that your shipment reaches its final destination without loss or damage. All aspects of the shipping process are managed, supervised, planned and coordinated efficiently from point of loading to final destination.




Breakbulk Solutions

CENTURION offers breakbulk services to customers having bulk volume shipments to any part of the world. We assess the volume, weight and dimensions of the cargo and offer the best possible solutions at competitive rates.




Centurion has a dedicated Projects department, with a team of highly skilled personnel, trained to successfully handle Project Cargoes. The team is familiar with all local customs regulations, Port/Customs tariffs, import/export formalities and processes involved. The Project handling not only involves the arrangement of transport, but also involves careful engineering analysis of needs, thus offering the right solution to meet the customized requirement of each Project.
Our team is experienced in Project handling processes and can manage the movement of your Projects Cargo seamlessly.


Exhibition Logistics

Centurion is one of the leading exhibition logistics specialists, handling several shipments of exhibition materials for our valuable clients who participate in major trade shows across the Globe. Our teams ensure to deliver materials to the exhibition site in a timely manner. Centurion team ensures no exhibition shipment misses its event due to the size or nature of the cargo. We can arrange shipments via ATA Carnet Service, which allows duty and tax free imports and exports of cargo, which are for exhibition purpose.

How We Help?

Before The Event
The documents required for transportation depend upon the venue of the exhibitions, the nature of cargo and purpose of shipping i.e. whether you want to sell items, or simply display and then return them.
Centurion team provides complete solution for all the exhibition requirements.
Material Collection (EXW): For customers that require materials to be picked up from their warehouse (local or international), Centurion arranges to do the same promptly and swiftly. Through our network, a customer requirement can be fulfilled with highest quality and service at any time anywhere.
Freight Forwarding: Upon collection of the shipment, we plan the freight movement based on the Exhibition date and time. Our Service and support have always ensured on-time delivery at site.
Customs Clearance: Centurion offers customs clearance support for its client that needs clearance for their shipment from either airport or seaport. Our clearance team prioritizes exhibition cargo clearing to ensure prompt delivery to the site. We can arrange an ATA Carnet service to allow duty- and tax-free temporary import of goods, if required.

During the Event

Our on-site personnel ensures that materials are delivered to your stand location when you need them. Also, we will assign single point contacts for all requirement at the venue. During major shows we always have a specialist member of exhibition staff from one of our global offices in attendance. Onsite, they will be available if you require any additional services and will liaise with you and assist you to run your event smoothly.
Full on-site handling including:
Erecting the stand as per your requirement
Trucking the exhibits to the exhibition venue, prior to the client’s arrival
Unloading from trucks and delivery to your stand
Unpacking and packing of exhibits
Re-lifting and positioning of exhibits, using necessary lifting equipment
Provision of lifting equipment required labor
Interim storage of empty boxes before the show, during the show and after the show.

After the Event

We arrange prompt collection from your booth, return the shipment back to your premises OR forward on to another event or to another country.
On arrival back at origin we take care of all customs formalities, and ensure the goods are delivered back to your premises in a timely manner.
Whilst the event is taking place, our staff or our agents arrange storage of all the packing cases (if required) during the event, and liaise with you to check your requirements at the close of the show.
We also offer long and short-term storage at secure warehouse facility in all major cities, which is ideal for those who don’t have the capacity to store their own goods or if goods are required to be stored in between the shows.
Value-added services enhance our comprehensive solutions to Centurion customers.  Centurion, believes it is an essential tool for increasing our customer satisfaction. This is especially important when it comes to certain operations based on the trust that a customer place in us.
At Centurion, we are committed to comprehensive Logistics Management. We offer a variety of value-added services:
Duty-Free / Custom bonded warehouse storage (Free Zone)
Handling of all types of goods

Dangerous goods handling
Door-to-Door service
Packing and Labelling
Picking / promotional packing
Kitting / De-kitting
Customs Clearance
Supply chain consulting
Vendor management
Information management
Transport Insurance

We work closely with our customer to lower logistics cost and ensure seamless integration into your supply chain process.  We’ll be an integral part of your operation.



SCM Solutions

We offer SCM Solutions, covering all aspects of shipping, storage, distribution and other value added services, under one integrated system. The focus is on providing total logistics solutions to the export/import customers, with the expertise and experience gained collectively over the years. We are impeccably positioned to provide custom-made, efficient, holistic, and cost-efficient solutions, which ensure customer satisfaction. Supply Chain Management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion and all logistics management activities. Importantly, it also includes coordination and collaboration with channel partners, who can be suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers and customers. In essence, Supply Chain Management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies. CENTURION has dedicated professional team to optimise your complete SCM requirements.



Buyers Consolidation Services

Buyer’s consolidation is a method of shipping two or more cargos from different suppliers in the same country or different countries, which are brought into the main port or hub port and will be consolidated and consigned to a single buyer in another country, under LCL / FCL movement terms.

It essentially means combining a number of smaller shipments into one large shipment, with the aim to reduce costs in the overall Supply Chain. It’s the opposite of so-called ‘segregation’, which involves delivering each shipment individually. To use shipping terminology, it will involve consolidating two or more LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments into one FCL (Full Container Load) shipment.

Main benefit of Consolidating numerous LCL shipments into one FCL shipment is cost saving, especially on import clearance charges, handling and documentation charges at discharge port for the buyer. It also helps in proper tracking of various shipments which move under one purchase order.


Centurion provides Supply Chain Management Solutions to manage inventories, thereby allowing flexibility in managing cost of operations, system assessments and selection of appropriate vendors over large corporations, across geographic locations, allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business operations.

Following are the key features of our service:
  • Ambient and Cool temperature storage facilities
  • Cross dock operations
  • Inventory management
  • Customized MIS reports
  • PO Tracking system
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Stock transactions and availability
  • 24 x 7 security- CCTV monitoring
  • 24 x 7 power back-up
  • Insured facility
  • Safety compliance

At Centurion, we are committed to comprehensive logistics management. We offer a variety of Value-Added Services:

  • Duty-free/Custom bonded warehouse storage (Free Zone)
  • Handling of all types of goods
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Door-to-door service
  • Packing and Labelling
  • Picking and promotional packing
  • Palletizing
  • Kitting/De-kitting
  • Customs documentation
  • Supply chain consulting
  • Vendor management
  • Information management
  • Cargo Insurance

We work closely with our customers to lower logistical costs and ensure seamless integration into your Supply Chain process. We’ll be an integral part of your Supply Chain.


Service to CIS and Afghanistan locations

Centurion shipping and Its Associate offices in UAE, India and China are able to offer Long Haul service to various locations in countries in the CIS Region as well as in Afghanistan, with support from strong Network of Agents and Service partners.

Transportation from/to CIS countries
  • Good connections and reliable agents in CIS countries
  • Import, Export and Transit via Middle East ports
  • Specializes in Cotton, Sulphur, Urea, Grains, Food Stuff, Paper pulp and projects for this region

Service to African Ports and Inland locations

Centurion Shipping and Its Associate offices in UAE, India and China are able to offer Long Haul service to various Ports and Inland Locations in the African Continent, with the support of a strong Network of Agents and Service partners.




CENTURION, offers various types of Shipping containers for sale. We also offer container conversion services such as, mobile offices, container homes, electrical switch rooms and emergency shelters. Our converted shipping containers can be used for various purposes such as, construction site office, accommodation, storage, etc..